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Class Size : 10

If you are new to the programming world, join this course and boost your programming confidence by 60% with Python.

This is a weekend course, so you don't have to worry about your daily schedule or work frame. Our course instructor will teach you the Python basics needed for the GIS and programming related to GIS data handling and visualization on weekends (2 weekends). She will provide the assignments regarding the taught concepts for your practice. If you have doubts regarding the assignments, don't worry; we have arranged a counselling lecture for you every Wednesday(Evening/Night session). 

For geospatial data handling with Python demo results, click here

This course will total 30 hours (12 hours of coursework + 18 hours of hands-on assignments). The coursework session will be on weekends from IST 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm, and the counselling lecture will be on Wednesday (flexible according to the majority of participants' choices) 

  • You will get all the classes recorded on our albedo foundation android app, so don't worry if you skip the lecture
  • You will get Python scripts that the tutor taught during the coursework and the guided manual of the coursework
  • You will get the solution scripts of the assignments too!
  • The course will be a live online class, so you can immediately interact with the instructor and ask your doubts. 


Know our Course Instructor

Our passionate and visionary course instructor designed whole course, who has pursued her MS in Geo-information Science from ITC, UT. She has pursued her B.Tech in Agricultural IT and has two years of industrial experience in GIS and Python programming. 

What you will learn

  • Introduction to basic Python programming (Google Colab or Pycharm)
  • Vector data handling and manipulation
  • Raster data handling and manipulation
  • Data Visualization and Styling
  • Functions and Modules in Python
  • Bonus lecture on GEE (Google Earth Engine)


For whom

  • Anybody who wants to start Python programming for GIS data science
  • Programming experience is not required 



  • Basic knowledge of Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Basic knowledge of computer
  • A working computer/laptop 
  • Android Mobile


Check your Python programming skills.

If you can solve the task given, then register for our Machine Learning course 

Kindly download the data :

The AOI shapefile and raster files are in the R10m folder. Write a Python code-based
loop to clip all raster files. Also, Calculate the NDVI and plot it.
Submit your Python script with results (snapshot of output) at with

Rs. 4000/-

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