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Albedo Foundation is a premier institute serving the geospatial industry since 2018, located in the “Wine Capital of India” – Nashik (Maharashtra). It is registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India.

We conduct seminars, hands-on training workshops, and awareness programs related to geospatial technology and surveying in different schools, colleges, and universities. The training, education, and capacity-building programs of the Institute are designed to prepare the GIS-skilled workforce to meet the requirements of the GIS and RS industry at various levels. The duration of the courses ranges from one week to six months.

Albedo Foundation offers state-of-the-art programs in remote sensing, GIS, and surveying. The institute is well-equipped with the latest open-source GIS software and tools currently used in the mapping industry. We proudly embrace open-source roots as we believe they suit people, technology, and business.

Our Institute has a strong, multi-disciplinary, and solution-oriented research agenda that focuses on developing improved methods/ techniques for processing, visualisation, and disseminating EO data & Geo-information for various societal applications and a better understanding of Earth's system processes.

We endeavour to achieve a better world by creating a GIS solution for our clientele and society. We strive to achieve this through the proactive engagement of our peers, local bodies, and society to solve pressing environmental problems ailing our society. We believe in a collaborative model and work with multiple partners, including NGOs, other foundations, the government, and corporations.


Convert a physical world into a digital one by providing remote sensing and geospatial technology services to enhance the rational decision-making process.

Expand market reach by creating awareness amongst students about geospatial technologies and making them able to see and feel spatial.

  •  A strong strategy, design and functioning capability
  •  Provide bespoke solutions
  •  Strong customer relationship and satisfaction
  •  Competitive prices
  •  Value for money proficient working practices
  •  Quality assurance & responsibility
  •  An experienced multi-disciplinary team from a range of sectors