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If you are looking for advanced skills in geospatial technology, then you are on the right platform with us. This course primarily focuses on automization skills in GIS or QGIS with the help of programming skills. Our expert team designs this course to prepare you for industry-oriented GIS assets. Geospatial data analysis and visualization with python is the objective of this course. Learn various GIS packages and be confident about humongous data handling and time series analysis. Learn industry-specific software and online tools/platforms to boost your GIS skills. 

GIS terminologies and a few basics should be precise before joining this course. We recommend this course for those ready to embrace automization in GIS and passionate about geospatial techniques. This course will help you in professional/academic/ research/ GIS industry careers in the upcoming days. 

This course is full of surprises with assignments, analysis tasks and industrial projects.

Know our course instructors

Remote Sensing and GIS

He has pursued his M.Tech in Remote Sensing and GIS from the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS, ISRO), and he has been a well-known and reputed educator of GIS for the last two years.

Geo-information Science and Python

Our passionate and visionary course instructor designed the whole course and has pursued her MS in Geo-information Science from ITC, UT. She has pursued her B.Tech in Agricultural IT and has two years of industrial experience in GIS and Python programming.

Python Programming

The course instructor has over three years of experience in programming, geospatial analysis, and flood modelling. He pursued a postgraduation in Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering from IIT Madras. He did thesis work at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, and is an expert in Python programming.

What you will learn

Remote Sensing

  • Physics of Remote Sensing
  • Remote Sensing Errors
  • Visual Image Interpretation
  • Earth Resource Satellites
  • Digital Image Classification

Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • Fundamentals of GIS
  • Data Models
  • Georeferencing and Geocoding
  • GIS Data Creation
  • Spatial and non-spatial data linking
  • Spatial and non-spatial Query
  • Projection Systems
  • Raster-based Spatial Analysis
  • Vector data Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Multi-criteria Analysis
  • Mobile-Based Data Collection
  • Output Map Generation

Fundamental Programming for GIS Data

  • Introduction to Python
  • Data Types in Python
  • Variable, Modules, Loops and Conditions in Python
  • Read and Write CSV/Text files
  • Data cleansing and plotting options
  • Vector data Handling and Manipulation
  • Raster Data Handling and Manipulation
  • Data Visualization and Styling

Spatial Survey (Extra Module as per the availability of the resource person)

  • Total Station and Drone 

Application (Case Studies)

  • Urban Base Map Creation (AMRUT City Guidelines)
  • Preparation of Building Footprint
  • Watershed Prioritization
  • Watershed Conservation Planning
  • Soil Erosion Modeling 


  • Basic knowledge of computer

For whom

  • Graduation/ (10+2+3) or higher degree from any discipline (Science, Geography, Geology, Environment, Disaster Management, Engineering, Computer science, Planning and architecture) with Basic computer knowledge

Course Fees

  • INR 55000 only 

Course Duration

  • 16th January to 16th June 2022 
  • Mon - Fri (IST 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm)

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