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Diploma Students

The data can then be used to create endless “what if” scenarios, providing a powerful tool for applications including Cartography (map making), Emergency management, Environmental sciences and security, Forest and range management, Homeland security, Medicine and healthcare, Real estate development and appraisal, Social services, Transportation, Urban planning and development, Water resources, etc. A career where GIS is a fundamental part of your day allows you to be immersed in a field where you can continually grow and move forward in an environment of lifelong learning.

GIS in education is currently a topical issue in India, too. GIS is getting cheaper, faster, easier to use and packed with more and better data. Rather than "experts" using GIS strictly to inform in a top-down fashion.

We provide the GIS infrastructure needed for your research work and we help you to design your research questions and methodology of the research in the domain of GIS. We help you to endeavour GIS skills during research phase.